Behind the Scenes of TEDxYYC – An Interview with Marketing & Communications

TEDxYYC is an independently-organized event, run entirely by volunteers. The enthusiasm of the speakers, entertainers and hosts of the well-known event are reflected backstage by the many volunteers required to coordinate such a prestigious event. This blog series looks behind the scenes, and meets the friendly faces of Calgary’s largest TEDx event.

Volunteer Profile: Brooke Boser, Marketing and Communications

TEDxYYC: Hi Brooke! How many years have you volunteered with TEDxYYC?

Brooke: This is my second year volunteering with TEDxYYC. 

TEDxYYC: Why did you decide to volunteer?

Brooke: I have always been interested in TED and TEDx, so when I was asked if I’d be interested in joining the Marketing & Communications team I was more than willing. Last year was the first time I’ve ever been involved in putting together an event, so it was a real eye-opener and challenge for me. I’ve been able to learn a lot from the experience.

TEDxYYC: As the head of Marketing & Communications, what are your main responsibilities?

Brooke: The main responsibility of my team is to get the word out about the event and to promote its value within the community. Calgary has a lot of events going on, so my team tries to get as much information out there through our website, newsletter, social media, and media partnerships. We have many writers and social media managers who help make it all happen. 

TEDxYYC: Explain the types of tasks you’re handling six months prior to the event, versus what your main tasks are the day of the event?

Brooke: When we’re six months out our main task is to ensure information about the event is accessible and shared. That’s our main focus throughout the year. However, as we get closer to the event our team is also responsible for advertising campaigns to help sell those last minute tickets, as well as working with our graphics partner to ensure the program, posters, slideshows, and videos for event-day are all on point.

TEDxYYC: What’s been your favourite part of the volunteer experience? Is there one moment in particular that has stood out for you?

Brooke: My favourite part of the experience so far is seeing how everything comes together on event day. It can get pretty stressful trying to pull everything together to create an amazing event, so to see it all come together and to have people enjoy the speakers and the day makes it all worthwhile. 

TEDxYYC: Of all the past TEDxYYC talks, which is your favourite?

Brooke: I thought Steven Keating’s talk last year was amazing. What a brave story! He was so real and vulnerable up there, I think he really struck a chord with everyone. To see him get a standing ovation when we was done was just icing on the cake.

TEDxYYC: What are you looking forward to the most about TEDxYYC 2016?

Brooke: Oh man! We have an amazing team of committee members this year. I can’t wait to see what we do!