Happy 30th, TED! Why TED2014 Is All About ‘The Next Chapter’

Feb 10, 2014

Over the past 30 years, more than 1500 TED Talks have come to life in 18 minutes or less a piece, all of which are available for viewing online. Collectively these presentations boast more than one billion views. 

In addition to the annual TED Conference, which brings together 50+ of the most compelling speakers, creators and thinkers in the world to deliver their unique TED Talk, there are now dozens of inspiring off-shoots and related TED-themed events happening around the world on an annual basis.

It seems fitting then, at the point where TED has reached the notoriety and influence that it has, that the 30-year mark would be a sensible place to stop and take inventory of the past three decades, and the hopes and dreams for all the decades of TED still to come. Thus, the organization is approaching 2014 with the goal of understanding and isolating its most significant developments of the last 30 years, while asking itself and its tribe of friends and followers how to apply this knowledge and experience to understand and make the best of what lies ahead.

At TEDxYYC, we too are celebrating a milestone in 2014, and although it’s only a single-digit 5, we feel it’s hugely significant in its own right. More than ever this year, we hope to take what we’ve learned over the last four fantastic years and incorporate those lessons not only into our June 2014 event, but every bit of TEDxYYC conversation, discussion and promotion we embark upon. There’s no doubt about it… we’re growing, expanding and evolving in more ways than we ever thought possible, and we welcome your participation and feedback like crazy.

Here’s to the big 3-0, the significant 5, and a great 2014!

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