The key to lowering the amount of trash you generate is simple: try not to go from 100 to zero.

This Earth Day will look a bit different, but we all know that. This year’s celebration of our planet and the reminder to protect it comes during a time of immense uncertainty. 

Growing awareness of the impacts of climate change have encouraged businesses to swap out plastic packaging for reusable options and even commitments to lower their carbon emissions. As well, the ‘Zero Waste’ movement has helped point us in the right direction towards a greener future. However, the pandemic has made it much more difficult to adhere to these principles. To slow the spread of germs, retailers have gone back to individually wrapping produce. An increase in online shopping to limit our daily outings is much safer but generates a lot of wasteful packaging. Despite these challenges, there are many ways you can still make smart choices to protect the environment while staying safe. 

Here are three TED talks that you can start with


How to reduce your waste | Nila Patty | TEDxVenlo

This video by young Zero Waste advocate Nila Patty chronicles her journey from making a New Year’s Resolution to stop using single-use plastics for food, to creating a 30-day challenge for an entire city to reduce their waste. 

Sounds a little daunting? Not to worry, she outlines four easy themes to start your journey with.


How to save Earth with 5 minutes a day of responsible consumerism | Shaun Frankson | TEDxStanley Park

This video comes from our neighbours at TEDxStanleyPark. Shaun Frankson gives an inspiring presentation on how to shift your mindset and make more environmentally responsible consumer choices.



From zero waste to less waste – for the environment and your sanity | Laura Arnicāne | TEDxRiga

Last but not least comes this video from Laura Arnicāne at TEDxRiga. A video perfect for well, perfectionists, Arnicāne explains that while the intention to go completely zero waste is commendable, making little adjustments to start is more sustainable – for the environment and your mental health.


If you want to make an impact this Earth Day, our advice is it’s best to keep things simple. Take it from these TED talks: remember the four themes, opt for products that use less plastic to encourage companies to stop producing it all together, and most of all, take it one step at a time. Doing something is better than doing nothing!