Hunter Hub – Why Partner with TEDxYYC

Jun 15, 2018

About The Hunter Hub

The Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking is the University of Calgary’s new initiative to engage and immerse students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Canadian community in a culture of entrepreneurial thinking, challenging them with a new and bold approach to teaching, learning, discovery and knowledge-sharing. The Hunter Hub creates and delivers innovative, thought-provoking programming that advances the principles of entrepreneurial thinking. It is a connector for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community. Enabling this is a collision space – not accelerator or incubator space – but rather a space devoted to seeding creativity and increasing entrepreneurial thinking on campus, and serving as a bridge to the startup and entrepreneurial communities across Canada. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial thinking is welcome at the Hunter Hub.

Why did you choose to partner with TEDxYYC?

TEdxYYC is all about sharing interesting and innovative ideas. Partnering with TEDxYYC is a great opportunity for us to meet great thinkers from across the community and be a part of connecting innovator and entrepreneurial thinkers with each other.

How does your company foster great ideas?

Entrepreneurial thinking is being creative in finding innovative solutions. It involves taking initiative, exchanging knowledge across disciplines, being resourceful and learning from experience. We believe that entrepreneurial thinking is essential to enriching lives and advancing society. Our programming and networks are all developed to expand our community’s understanding of and ability to think in this passionate, solution-seeking way.

What are your company’s favorite TED talks?

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