New Additions to the TEDxYYC 2013 Lineup

Apr 18, 2013

A legendary South African actor, a nanoscience pioneer and legend in the making announced as new additions to the TEDxYYC 2013 lineup

World-renowned South African actor, director and playwright John Kani; director of the Nanoscience Program at the University of Calgary; and internationally touring quartet Reuben and the Dark have joined three existing speakers on the 2013 TEDxYYC lineup.
The event is being held at the Jack Singer Concert Hall June 14, 2013. TEDxYYC Talks from 2010
to 2012 have been viewed more than 1.2 million times by idea-sharing enthusiasts across the globe.

John Kani

Among John Kani’s countless awards and honors are a Tony award, various lifetime achievement awards, the 2000 Hiroshima Foundation Award for Peace, and special honors from the President of South Africa for his contribution to a democratic, non-racist, non-sexist South Africa. His list of accolades is frankly astonishing; he was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University – his fourth honorary doctorate.

David Cramb

Professor David Cramb is leading a group studying the behaviour of nanoparticles in blood vessels. His group has developed sophisticated fluorescence spectroscopy technology, used to analyze complex nanoparticle mixtures, that is unique in the world. For his work, David Cramb has won the Thermo-Fisher Prize in Spectroscopy in 2010.

Reuben and the Dark

Reuben and the Dark, the newest project from Calgary’s Reuben Bullock, is the first of the entertainers announced for the 2013 TEDxYYC event. The quartets’ music is described as sounding simultaneously ancient and uniquely contemporary. That may not be as complicated as fluorescence spectroscopy technology, but they are just as likely to fire up the Jack Singer. Recently brought to London by Mariead Nash (Manager of Florence and the Machine/Blood Orange), the band has just returned from Europe with a new release in tow.

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