Who should attend TEDxYYC?

We’re all waiting for spring to bring fresh inspiration and lighten winter weary souls, but there is more than warm weather to look forward to. Spring also brings the chance to get your tickets for TEDxYYC 2018, and it’s almost time! The 2018 event team is getting ready to bring you inspiration and new ideas, and an event you won’t want to miss. Those who have never attended may wonder, who is this event really for? Who should be attending this event? And more importantly, who should be coming along with them? After all, the concept that drives the whole TED concept is “ideas worth spreading” so don’t let inspiration happen alone.

TEDx events are designed to welcome ideas and people at their best and brightest, and to bring opportunity and positive change to the communities in which they take place. The themes vary from year to year, but always have the goal of showcasing new ideas and thinking in the areas of Technology, Art, and Design. Attendees come together to consider new ideas, imagine their futures, and leap for what could exist beyond their current perspective. Just imagine the energy that is created every year by new thinking and fresh ideas, then consider the exponential benefits to the community when people take this away with them. Most people leave motivated, and with a commitment to invest this positive energy into the places they live and work.

TEDxYYC is for entrepreneurs, innovators, and community builders

We’re for those committed to ongoing learning, and who are open to inspiration. Those who love new ideas, love meeting new people, and are open to possibilities. We’re for the dreamers, and the doers, in our community. We’re for the people who are ready for change, and for those who are ready to bring the change to their communities.

Why is TEDxYYC perfect for you?

We bring you inspiration, fresh ideas, and new perspectives. If you’re ready to allow your mind to be freed, and to open yourself up to ongoing learning, you might just be amazed at how we can move you. You’ll meet new people, break through to new solutions, and consider new possibilities. You can quietly take in all we offer, or get personal and meet the speakers and other people face to face. You will be moved, on some level.

Who should come to TEDxYYC?

But you’re not the only one who should attend. Why would you attend an event like TEDxYYC alone? There is a long list of people you should consider bringing with you. Friends, coworkers, romantic interests, and business partners are all great potential guests. It could change how you relate to one another, or work together, in really positive ways. But we suggest going beyond simply inviting one guest. What about your mastermind or entrepreneurial group members or your entire staff at work? Make an event, get people excited and see how many people you can inspire. Maybe for a month you could shake up your book club and discuss a few TEDx talks instead. Ask your coworking space neighbours, or your business meetup group members and see what happens to your network when more of you are inspired.

It’s said we become like those we spend the most time with. If you feel inspired to attend a TEDx event, chances are you’re someone who wants to learn new things and stay open to new possibilities. Doesn’t it then stand to reason that you’ll feel inspired if others around you feel the same way? Our professional and personal relationships can get stale, and fresh conversation scarce. Why not shake things up by bringing your favourite people along to share in the experience? You’ll have new topics to discuss, debate, or potentially even to help you achieve greater things together. The energy you’ll take away could fuel you to new levels of connection with those around you. That alone is inspiring.

Most people who attend a TEDx event come away feeling like they are a better person for the experience. Consider your personal and professional goals, and your family and working relationships. What could happen if you allowed the energy of TEDx into these areas of your life? If you’re looking to grow a business, come for the potential to make new connections and add fresh energy to your network. If you’re looking to find inspiration to change your life, or change your story, come for the speakers who will share their own paths to change in genuine ways. Perhaps you have an idea or story worth sharing, and one day it will be you on that stage. You need to see it in person to imagine yourself doing it someday. How will you ever know the possibilities unless you allow yourself the experience?

About TedxYYC 2018

TEDxYYC is in its ninth year of bringing positive change to the people of Calgary, with no signs of slowing down. We have a deep commitment to finding new voices and ideas to share with this community, and a mission to move you. If we can bring individuals and organizations together in the spirit of making this difference, our community will be the better for it. We’re pulling together a speaker roster who can bring you new ways of looking at your community, and the opportunities in front of you. You will never know who and what will move you most unless you’re in that room, in that seat, ready for the connection, laughter, and possibly even tears, to take hold of you. You’ll never be able to quite tell people what it was like, so bring them with you, and get ready for an adventure of thought and emotion quite unlike any you’ve taken.

The best ideas are worth sharing with those you work alongside or share time with personally, so grab your favourite people to live, love, create, and work with and get your tickets soon! We’ll see you all at TEDxYYC, June 22, 2018.