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TEDxYYC Speaker Information

Congratulations on becoming a speaker for TEDxYYC. To get started, it’s important to receive your information for planning and promoting the event and your talk.

  • As you would like it to appear in the programme.
  • As you would like it to appear in the programme.
  • What is it you do? Adventurer, Thinker, Entrepreneur, Artist, Nanotech Engineer?
  • Your contact number on the day-of so we can let you know if there are any last minute updates or changes.
  • You can also email your biography to speak@tedxyyc.com. Though pasting here is our preference, or providing a direct link to your bio on another webpage. We will be trimming them down to a standard voice and length with a shorter and longer bio option.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, tif, pdf, jpeg, heic.
    Please provide at least 2 high quality photos of yourself, one a clear headshot and the other an action shot (practicing your craft or doing something that represents you) Please ensure the width and height are no smaller than 1000px by 1000px. (max 4 photos)
  • Have a link to a dropbox or photo gallery already? Share the link here instead.
  • Social Media PlatformYour Handle 
    Please include all social media links you want us to including links to blogs or your personal website. Click the + to add another social account. ie. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook Page, TikTok etc
  • Every year we partner with ShelfLife who bring in books for our participants to purchase. So please list either your books or books that relate to the talk/idea you are presenting on. This could also just be your favourite book 🙂 Max 3. Please type none if you don't have any suggestions.
  • We would like to let them know you are speaking so they can help spread the word!
  • What’s your favourite chocolate bar? Any food allergies we should be aware of?
  • Let us know if you have any accessibility requirements so we can accommodate as best as we can and make arrangements beforehand. (ie. if you happen to need a bathtub on stage or other specific accessibility, or audio-video support)
  • Go ahead, we can take it. How can we level up this experience for you?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.