Angie C and Jane Madeleine

TEDxYYC 2021 : Performers


Angie C

Angie’s love for music began very early in life when she was introduced to the piano. By the age of 10, she had written and recorded 17 piano pieces on her mom’s 8mm Sony camcorder. Through her teen years, Angie found herself drawn to eclectic instruments, learning to play the bagpipes, oboe, fiddle and guitar. She found solace in music and it became her deepest form of self-expression.

Shortly after university, Angie became fascinated with brainwave frequencies and how they can be observed and manipulated. One of her creations was an LED dress that visually showed the inner workings of her brain, in real time, while singing and playing piano. This brainwave controlled LED dress was showcased on the runway at the 2016 MakeFashion Wearable Technology Gala in Calgary, Canada.

More recently, Angie took her love of neuroscience and applied it to the world’s largest analog synthesizer called TONTO. She successfully controlled the sound coming from TONTO using only her mind. These “thought-provoked” sounds have been incorporated into the songs on her EP Album ‘Star Seeds’ which will be released in September 2021.

Angie’s goal is to continue to meld science, music and fashion to create lasting memorable experiences for her audiences. 

“At the end of the day, I still feel like the little girl that fell in love with music. It is what makes my heart beat with excitement, and I hope you will follow along with me on this journey.”


Jane Madeleine

According to her parents, Jane could sing before she could speak. Inspired by the open prairie of her childhood, she was composing music on the piano by age 8. One of her favourite places to play was an art gallery in Rosebud Alberta, which was equipped with an old grand piano. Since then Jane has composed many pieces of music and collaborated with singer-songwriter Angie C on her upcoming album Star Seeds – contributing lyrics and homegrown inspiration. 

Jane’s actual brain waves were recorded at Studio Bell in Calgary thanks to Angie’s bold idea of creating music with neural-electric currents. Jane is also busy working on a personal music project, co-creating vulnerable and eclectic music with her friend and local musician, Jonny Chavez.

Jane wishes to continue creating music that inspires people to better understand themselves, and the world around them.

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