Casey Berglund

Purpose-driven wellness coaching transforms lives of visionary leaders

Purpose-driven coaching is what gets Casey Berglund out of bed each morning. She helps her clients experience the worthiness, joy, and fulfillment of living purposefully, rather than the emptiness of chasing someone else’s version of success.

She believes that our bodies hold profound wisdom and when we tune in, listen, and act on that wisdom, our lives transform. Not only do mindful embodied practices help us take care of our physical selves, but they also support mental and emotional healing, and guide us to creating the meaningful lives we desire and deserve.

Worthy and Well works with ambitious visionary leaders who want to do things differently. They help people who want to untether from conventional norms and lean into creating the meaningful lives they desire and deserve, so that they can experience greater impact, joy, and fulfillment.

Berglund is a registered dietitian, private yoga teacher, coach, and the founder of and Hailing from a farm in small-town Saskatchewan, she now lives and works in Calgary, and escapes to the mountains whenever she can.

Speaker 2019