Michael Kehler

Reimagining Masculinity

Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Michael Kehler is a Research Professor of Masculinities Studies in Education at the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. Kehler has established himself as a masculinities scholar examining the intersection of masculinities, schooling, reading, homophobia, men’s body image, health education, and men as activists, change agents. His passion centers on raising questions that challenge the daily assumptions about being a man and the taken for granted ways that education routinely maintains definitions of masculinity. Michael’s research has continued to question the static and linear arguments often assumed to explain boy’s behaviours and attitudes. Michael offers evidence-based research starting with the experiences and narratives of masculinity captured in the day to day lives of boys and men. While widely published in academia, Michael appears in the media regularly both nationally and internationally. He is currently conducting research in the UK examining how men can actively challenge homophobia within sport. Within Canada his current research projects include investigating how boys have navigated school peer friendships during COVID-19 and exploring teacher practice that disrupts masculinity in schools.


Follow Dr. Kehler here:

Twitter: @Dr.MichaelKehler

Website: https://werklund.ucalgary.ca/masculinities

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