Reed Ferber

Reimagining Wearable Data Ownership

Dr. Reed Ferber is a Professor with joint appointments across the Faculties of Kinesiology, Nursing, and the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. He is the founder and director of the Running Injury Clinic and internationally recognized as a leading expert in biomechanics research using wearable technology. Currently, he leads a team of UCalgary researchers in the NSERC Wearable Technology Research and Collaboration (We-TRAC) CREATE Training Program to train the next generation of wearable technology experts. The centrepiece of the We-TRAC program is Wearable Technology Citizen Science Program where already 1000’s of people have provided their data to advance scientific research. He is also an award-winning teacher and has been inducted into the Student’s Union Teaching Hall of Fame as well as being named a Killam Laureate after receiving the McCaig-Killam Teaching Award in 2020.


Follow Dr. Ferber here: 

Website: https://wetrac.ucalgary.ca

Twitter: @DrFerber

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