Sunand Kannappan & Mehul Gupta

Reimagining Scientific Literacy

Mehul is a second-year medical student at the University of Calgary with research interests in medical genetics, neuro-oncology, as well as the interface between public policy and medical practice. Outside of the classroom, Mehul serves as the Co-chair for Youreka Canada, a non-profit organization with a mission of improving scientific literacy through experiential learning opportunities. Currently, Youreka is active in 6 cities, providing tens of thousands of hours of education to students across Canada, helping them gain the skills and experiences to become more confident and capable citizens. 

Sunand is a recent graduate of the Health Sciences program at the University of Calgary, and an incoming management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Over the past several years, Sunand has been heavily involved in scientific research and has published work in oncology, biomedical informatics and healthcare policy. Sunand is also passionate about driving social impact, and has been involved in impact investing initiatives, consulting for impact-driven non-profit organizations and serves as a co-chair of Youreka Canada, a national non-profit organization focused on improving scientific literacy.

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