Apoorv Sinha | Second Chance for CO2

From TEDxYYC 2017

Apoorv Sinha | Second Chance for CO2

Apoorv Sinha is an innovator with a focus on environmental footprint. Founder of technology start-up and Carbon X-Prize semi-finalist, Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT), Apoorv strives to commercialize a process to convert CO2 emissions into performance-enhancing fillers for concrete, plastics, pharmaceuticals and batteries. Apoorv is a 2016 Clean50 Emerging Leader and member of the Energy Futures Lab.

In 2010, Apoorv co-founded TOHL, a humanitarian logistics start-up that has conducted water infrastructure projects in Chile and Kenya. TOHL has been featured on BBC, Forbes Magazine, Calgary Herald and the Discovery Channel.

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