Barb Higgins | The Body’s Language of Stress

From TEDxYYC 2019

Barb Higgins | The Body’s Language of Stress

Barb Higgins is best known in Calgary for her 22 year career as anchor and producer of the
CTV Calgary News at 6. She is also an award-winning writer, host and producer for her
news series and documentaries, receiving Best of Festival Documentary at CanPro and
Most Inspirational for Writing at AMPIA.

Barb has volunteered for over one-hundred non-profits in Calgary. She took the time to
learn about issues at the core of each organization, and developed a deeper understanding
of the many levels of the human condition. In 2015, Barb went back to school to become a
psychotherapist. She is a certified Wellness Counsellor, and is now completing her studies
to specialize in trauma therapy.

Mental wellness and healing have been Barb’s lifelong interests. The skills she developed
as a journalist also serve her well in therapy sessions. It is about listening to what is said,
and what is not said. It is about asking questions to discover what is at the heart of the

Barb has a private practice and is now creating an educational platform to teach the public
about the true nature of trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

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