Bianca Manuel & Gabriele Kuzabaviciute


Artists in Residence

Do advancements in digital communication affect the ways we live and share experiences? We are becoming ever more dependent on the digital world, and devices influence everything we do. With this installation, Artists-in-Residence Bianca Manuel and Gabriele Kuzabaviciute redefine boundaries between digital and physical worlds.

Bianca Manuel is an MFA student in Drama, with a specialization in Design and Technical Theatre, at the University of Calgary. She is researching the role of Scenography within interdisciplinary contexts; how the procedures of collaboration with, and in, performance design can allow the scenic elements to have greater dramaturgical relevance. Manuel studies performing arts in digital environments, through social media experiments, and cyber performances such as Self, Who am I, and E-ntimacy.

Gabriele Kuzabaviciute is a mixed media designer and MSc student at the University of Calgary. She is a member of the interactions lab (iLab) Рa human-computer interaction research lab and LabNext maker  space. With her research, she is informing the design of touched-based interfaces through the integration of the aspects of interactive technologies, material advancements, and human perception.

Based on her Research through Design approach and interdisciplinary experience, Kuzabaviciute studies the factors that influence audience engagement in social media, interactive technology, and interactive art.

Offering support will be Michael Hung, a new MSc student in computer science at the University of Calgary and also a member of the Interactions Lab. His final undergraduate year involved investigating novel interaction techniques in digital painting applications resulting from the addition of multiple sensors.

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