Casey Berglund | Let Your Body Lead

From TEDxYYC 2019

Casey Berglund | Let Your Body Lead

Our bodies guide us to the truth of what we need in any given moment. We just need to pay attention, even when it’s not easy.

Embodied Leadership Coach, Casey Berglund, shares personal stories to illuminate why when we practice this skill, we tap into a massive source of truth-bearing information that can help us make purposeful decisions. We stop saying yes to what we think we should do, and we start saying yes to what we’re meant to do. Purpose-driven coaching is what gets Casey Berglund out of bed each morning. She helps her clients experience the worthiness, joy, and fulfillment of living purposefully, rather than the emptiness of chasing someone else’s version of success. She believes that our bodies hold profound wisdom and when we tune in, listen, and act on that wisdom, our lives transform.

Berglund is a registered dietitian, private yoga teacher, coach, and the founder of worthyandwell.com and caseyberglund.com. Hailing from a farm in small-town Saskatchewan, she now lives and works in Calgary, and escapes to the mountains whenever she can.

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