Jeff Stockton, Darcy Stamp & Carl Janzen | Musical Collaboration

From TEDxYYC 2017

Storytellers weaving works of art through musical collaboration

Jeff Stockton, Darcy Stamp and Carl Janzen are accomplished musicians who meld the power of song and story with string-based instruments.

Jeff Stockton is a harpist, singer and storyteller with a focus on Celtic heritage and spirituality. Originally from Watervalley, Jeff is an award-winning recording artist and veteran performer of 20 years on national and international stages.

Darcy Stamp is a Calgary-born classical-crossover violinist who has performed and recorded with Josh Groban, George Canyon, Johnny Reid and many others on more than 100 albums. Darcy has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe with Fiddlers GF and Calgary Fiddlers.

Carl Janzen is a professional guitarist, versed in a diverse array of musical genres and instruments including bass guitar, mandolin, ukulele and 5-string banjo. A graduate of Mount Royal University, Carl’s musical journey spans over a decade in performing and collaborations on Juno-nominated recordings.

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