Morgan Hamel | Becoming As Ethical As We Think We Are

From TEDxYYC 2019

Morgan Hamel | Becoming As Ethical As We Think We Are

Morgan Hamel started The Garment to connect women and responsible brands. It brings together women who are interested in owning fewer, better pieces and the companies who make them. Her work is about more than just clothing. It’s about community.

She studied ethics in school (her undergraduate is in English Lit and Ethics, and has a Master’s in Applied Ethics from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.) She also spent 11 years working in the ethics office of a large corporation in Calgary. Up until about two years ago, she would have thought she was pretty well versed in business ethics, but soon learned just how much grey area there can be.

She started her own business and felt – in a visceral way – that ethical choices simply aren’t very clear. From a fashion perspective, she experienced the pull of the black, in contrast to the white, and came up with a fascinating business model that is changing the face of fashion by capitalizing on the tension within the grey.

At The Garment, Hamel searches the globe to find the classic, responsibly made garments that have what it takes to support women living vibrant lives. These pieces are photographed on real women, to help women find their size. They work with Makers who create quality products, and who have a good story.


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