One Big JAM | A Fully Improvised Performance

From TEDxYYC 2019

One Big Jam| Curated Chaos – A Fully Improvised Performance

One Big JAM is a Calgary-based artist platform that curates fully improvised concert experiences
by bringing various cultures and communities together, as well as hosting engaging music

Best known for their “radically inclusive” concerts, where the lines between the stage and crowd
are blurred, One Big JAM has earned a reputation for doing things differently in the city.
When a show at a small Jamaican restaurant was cancelled last minute, founder/director Chris
Maric brought together a group of incredibly talented artists from various music scenes to put
on an impromptu concert and create a beautifully improvised night of music. It was an
auspicious event that marked the birth of a new community and culture.

The group’s events continued to attract more performers, mostly through word-of-mouth,
drawing in dancers, poets, visual artists and organizations from diverse corners of the city.
Hundreds have gathered at venues like The Palace Theatre, Festival Hall, Central Memorial Park,
and Olympic Plaza to share their talents and connect with others.

Realizing that some musicians believed they lacked the skill or confidence to join the
professionals on stage, One Big JAM developed an all-ages mentorship series called Method
Sessions. These educational workshops create opportunities for aspiring musicians to learn
from, and perform with, professional artists in a highly inclusive and relaxed environment.

Through all their endeavours, One Big JAM pursues a bold vision for putting Calgary on the map
by creating a new and unique world-class music culture.

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