Get ready to ignite true possibility! You’re invited to join us for an important journey far beyond your known boundaries of thought at TEDxYYC 2018 on June 22. Are you ready to explore a realm of possibilities you never knew existed?

TEDxYYC 2018 Event Theme

We’ll gather to explore the unlimited opportunity held in the Adjacent Possible, the premise that there is an enormous untapped sphere of ideas that exist just outside what we think we are capable of, sparked one after another like endless ripples in a pond. What if you could go beyond “what you know today” into the far greater “what is possible?” Every adjacent possibility opens another, creating bursts of limitlessness far beyond what we can currently imagine. Most importantly, adjacent possibilities can only exist when creativity and curiosity are given freedom to explode into new ideas, creating massive shifts and positive change.

History of “Adjacent Possible”

The theory of “adjacent possible” was first introduced by Stuart Kauffman, medical doctor, theoretical biologist, and complex systems researcher studying the origin of life on Earth who taught at the University of Calgary, in 2002. He used the concept to explore the idea that biological systems can evolve into more complex ones through incremental change. The idea was later brought forward by Steve Johnson as a way to describe how new ideas can be created and explored as a way to challenge and push past existing boundaries. Johnson both wrote about the idea in an essay published in the Wall Street Journal, and had a TED talk on the topic, called Where Good Ideas Come From.

What opportunities should you be open to exploring now, simply due to the ideas that may be triggered down the line as inspiration expands in this way? What ideas may not be exactly right today, but could lead you down the path to true innovation where you can really make a difference?

We’ll bring you passionate speakers ready to take the stage to create a powerful energy together with deep discussion and intimate connection. TEDxYYC strives to bring the best and brilliant to Calgary, fueling those who gather to push boundaries of their own. Could this year’s event be the catalyst that brings you right to the edge of your potential, then catapults you beyond it? Don’t miss the chance to find out!

As Calgary’s largest and most well-attended independently-organized TED event, we’re confident our ninth event will continue our legacy of excellence and inspiration in the areas of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. With an ongoing mission to bring like-minded individuals together to create, collaborate, and innovate at the highest level, TEDxYYC will inspire you to shape your future in new ways.

Join us Friday, June 22, 2018 for TEDxYYC 2018 – tickets go on sale soon!