TEDxYYC 2018 Student + Speaker Breakfast Winners!

Jun 4, 2018

One truly inspiring element of TEDxYYC is the Student + Speaker Breakfast. We are so pleased to be able to welcome students to take part in this memorable opportunity!

This is the 3rd annual Student + Speaker Breakfast, and it will take place at Hotel Arts on the morning of the event. Students over the age of 17 applied to attend, and these lucky students were given a spot at the breakfast table.

Ever wish you could talk one on one with a TEDxYYC speaker?

Imagine being able to share a conversation with speakers who are bringing their very best in inspiration and ideas to the TEDxYYC stage. These students will have the chance to hear directly from the speakers about their passion for what they do, and learn more about the journey that brought them to the TEDxYYC stage.

Our theme for TEDxYYC this year is the Adjacent Possible:  the premise that there is an enormous untapped sphere of ideas that exist just outside what we think we are capable of, sparked one after another like endless ripples in a pond.

What if you could go beyond “what you know today” into the far greater “what is possible?” Every adjacent possibility opens another, creating bursts of limitlessness far beyond what we can currently imagine. Most importantly, adjacent possibilities can only exist when creativity and curiosity are given freedom to explode into new ideas, creating massive shifts and positive change.

We can’t imagine a better message to share with students in our community. TEDxYYC is for those who are already exploring and sharing new ideas, and those who are just beginning their journey of possibility.

Congratulations to the TEDxYYC 2018 Student + Speaker Breakfast Winners!

We are so pleased to congratulate this year’s winners, who will have the opportunity to sit down and chat one-on-one with our speakers over breakfast!

Congratulations to these lucky students:

Amandah N.
Aishwarya K.
Stanton T.
John P.
Ricardo P.
Alexandra T.
Aishwarya H.
Jasmine E.-H.
Jacoby H.

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers this year, and we’re thrilled these students will have the chance to connect with them personally.

If you missed the chance to apply this year, we encourage you to apply when we open applications next year for our 10th annual TEDxYYC. It’s sure to be memorable.

Find out more in this behind the scenes peek at the Student + Speaker breakfast.


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