TEDxYYC Behind the Scenes Performance Interview: HYMM

May 11, 2018

We are so pleased to welcome HYMM to TEDxYYC 2018, and can’t wait to see them perform live on stage at TEDxYYC 2018! We recently caught up with Bijan Maysami to chat about this year’s event, for a behind the scenes look at what we can expect when they join us in June.

HYMM combines traditional melodies from around the world with modern composition to create music that appeals to a wide audience. Based in Calgary, these musicians come from diverse backgrounds to combine the musical traditions of the Middle East with influences of jazz, blues, klezmer, and western pop music. The group features the sound of the traditional Iranian Santoor and the Arabic Oud, combined with electric bass, guitar, clarinet saxophone, percussion, and vocals.

HYMM was founded by Bijan Maysami, Soroush Resvani, Irfan Aydogdu, and Omid Ebadi in 2015 in Calgary.

Why perform at TEDxYYC 2018?

Maysami attended TEDxYYC in 2013, and found the program interesting both as an audience member, but also potentially as a performer someday. He loved the concept that anyone can bring creative and extraordinary ideas to an audience that leans toward open, intellectual, and accepting. With HYMM’s music possessing a unique character and story, he felt it could be a great fit for the TEDxYYC audience. With that in mind, HYMM joined the 2018 roster and will be performing live for our audience in June.

Current members of HYMM include:

Bijan Maysami (Santoor)
Omid Ebadi (Percussion & Frame Drum)
Aya Mhana (Oud & Vocal)
Paya Salem (Violin)
Sara Seyedi (Vocal)
Vahid Jahanshahi (Acoustic Guitar)
Greg Goldenberg (Bass Guitar)
Frank Rackow (Clarinet Saxophone)

Why you should see HYMM perform live at TEDxYYC

This will be an amazing opportunity to see a group of diverse musicians come together to share their unique sound on the TEDxYYC stage. We’ll experience what HYMM calls a new modern fusion composition of traditional melodies, mixed with jazz klezmer blues taste. HYMM will perform their original songs during the show, composed and written by Maysami, that have become great pieces when brought to life by the band as a whole.

HYMM offers its audiences an east-meets-west experience, with the hope that their message of peace and togetherness comes through. Their band is a shining example of how different people from different backgrounds can come together to collaborate and create something amazing. In their minds, those who create together speak one language, and that language is art.

HYMM members come from Iranian, Russian, Syrian, and Jewish backgrounds. They are all too aware of the conflicts reported in the news in these regions, and like to think that they are able to show instead how people can come together. In their view, differing backgrounds don’t have to mean conflict, and can represent peace and what we all have in common instead.

What’s next for HYMM?

If you haven’t heard them around Calgary performing at local venues or events like Stampede or Sled Island, be sure to catch them on the TEDxYYC 2018 stage!

While we definitely recommend catching HYMM performing live at TEDxYYC in June, you can also watch for what’s coming next for this talented group. Maysami says they will be releasing an album this summer, with a release show planned for fall.

We look forward to welcoming HYMM and the energy they’ll bring to this year’s TEDxYYC!

Learn more about HYMM.

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