TEDxYYC: Response to COVID-19

Mar 25, 2020

Hello TEDxYYC community,

Though it may seem like our event is still in the distant future, we want to reassure everyone that the TEDxYYC crew are giving careful thought to the next steps we’ll be taking, and that we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. 

While we’re excited for you all to hear the ideas from our new batch of speakers, our first commitment is ensuring the safety and health of our community. As such, we’ll be taking a slight pause before sharing the rest of our plans for TEDxYYC 2020 to explore contingencies and ensure we are being mindful at each step. We’ll be updating across all social platforms once we have more to share with you. 

Have faith that our team is committed to bringing the best and brightest ideas to the TEDxYYC stage and that we will do it in the best way we can, while still upholding our responsibility to our committee and our community. 

In the interest of spreading ideas (rather than viruses), why not stay at home and check out these timely TED talks:

Or, if you’d rather take a break from it all, why not watch local and check out the three most watched TEDxYYC talks (so far)!

We know this is uncharted territory, but we’re confident that we’ll all get through this together. 

Thanks again for being part of the TEDxYYC community and stay safe! 


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