If you’ve been to a TED or TEDx event before, you’ll know it’s not your average conference. If you’ve never been, we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect on June 22nd.

If you’ve found yourself wondering what to expect at TEDxYYC, start here.

Expect to: Arrive Early

Assume that there will be lots to see and engage with before the ‘real’ event begins. The lobby of the Jack Singer will serve as the beginning of your TEDx journey. Expect to see things like art, exhibits, and more.

Expect to: Take in A Lot

TED talks are quick and often fast paced. Expect to take in a lot of information and inspiration. Also, expect that you’ll get to enjoy some entertainment – between speakers you may find dancers or other artists take the stage.

There will be breaks during the program, so you shouldn’t have to miss a moment of the action.

Expect to: Be Surprised

A quick YouTube search for ‘TED talks’ will bring up a TON of results that span an incredible and diverse array of topics. Even the playlist of the top 20 most watched TED talks showcases a huge variety of topics ranging from education to PMS to laughter. While all of these are connected by the threads of TED (technology, entertainment, and design), the topics and their presenters are varied.

Expect that TEDxYYC will be similarly varied – you may see talks about technology you’ve never heard of, or emotions that you experience every day. Know that each speaker was carefully chosen to bring their unique story to you, and to bring their perspective to our theme, Adjacent Possible.

Expect to: Eat, Drink and be Merry

Whether at our after party, at lunch before or dinner after, or a treat on breaks, plan to enjoy some local snacks and beverages. TEDxYYC is a great excuse to enjoy a meal with friends near the venue, or to have a drink and continue the great conversation inspired by the day.

Expect to: Connect

For even the most introverted among us, connecting with like minded people can be really valuable. TED and TEDx events tend to attract people who are curious, may be creative, and often open to learning. Whether before the event, at breaks, or at our after party, expect to connect with like minded people open to learning from each other.

Expect to: Share

Everyone will take away something different from TEDxYYC. Whether with those awesome like minded people that you met, or with your network that didn’t get to attend, discover ways that you can share what you hear and learn, and bring that inspiration out of Arts Commons and into your life. The right way to share for you might look like a blog post, SlideShare, or quotes on social media. Or maybe, you’ll be planning your own TED talk!

Finally, expect to step out of your comfort zone a little bit. Expect to be inspired, and expect to have fun.

Ready to join us for an awesome day of connecting and learning? If you really want to find out what to expect at TEDxYYC… Tickets for TEDxYYC 2018 are now on sale! Buy yours now, before they sell out.