See what’s being CrafTED at the Jack Singer Concert Hall on June 26th.



What does it mean to craft? To the people of TEDxYYC, crafting means taking the time to make something amazing. Forget about the disposable, mass produced world that our generation is all too familiar with. To craft an idea, a movement or a design is a labour of love. It means creating from the ground up with the tools available to you. It requires patience, dedication and purpose.

Our incredible speakers and entertainers have crafted one-of-a-kind, from-the-heart, authentic talks and performances to share with the audience. We have some of the best makers, do-ers and thinkers coming to the stage to speak passionately about the ideas, technologies, careers and viewpoints that they have spent their lives crafting.

Come share in the art of genuine creation, and see what you make of it.

Tickets are selling out quickly.  Buy yours now!