Is TEDxYYC Considered Professional Development?

Apr 8, 2018

TEDxYYC is happening on Friday, June 22. This means that you may be thinking to yourself – well shoot, I can’t go, that’s a work day. We’re here to let you know that you have many legitimate reasons for taking the day off (and getting your colleagues to join you!) and attend. TEDxYYC is a great place to be inspired. TEDxYYC is an awesome team building day. TEDxYYC is a super cool networking opportunity. TEDxYYC is professional development.

Professional Development

While you may not be studying your craft, per say, TEDx events are one of the greatest and most unique professional development opportunities one can have.

Hearing the ‘ideas worth spreading’ during TEDxYYC are inspiring in many ways. With a breadth and depth of topics unlike most other professional development opportunities, a TEDx event promises to encourage new paths of thought, inspire ideas of your own, and open your mind to innovative solutions.

To take what you get out of the day to the next level (and to convince your boss why you need to come!) consider taking notes after the talks – or doodle, draw mind maps, or whatever works for you for capturing content. This will help you not only capture the ideas and inspiration shared, it will allow you to synthesize the information you’ve taken in, and discover how it might relate to you and your professional, or personal, life.

You may even wish to create something publicly shareable about what you’ve taken away from the event – like a lunch and learn, or a SlideShare.

Team Building

Teams that take in ideas, learn, and share knowledge together are better able to work collaboratively, drive innovation, and problem solve together. Take your professional development to the next level by including those around you in your trip to TEDxYYC, be they your professional or personal teammates.

TEDxYYC is an awesome event to attend as a team – whether that be of colleagues, a volunteer group, board, friends, or even a spouse or partner. Everyone in your group will take something different away from each talk. Having a TEDx tribe to compare notes with, share ideas, and just debrief from an awesome day will be beneficial not only individually, but to the group or team as a whole, too. Learning together makes everyone stronger.


TEDxYYC offers an opportunity to not only take in information, but to take PART in inspiring conversations: On breaks, after the event, or at the TEDxYYC after party, there are great opportunities to network with like-minded people.

Opportunities for conversation and exchanging information with others can be an incredibly valuable part of TEDxYYC, and if you want to come away with new personal and professional connections from the event, it’s bound to happen.

Consider TEDxYYC an opportunity to invest in yourself. Some companies have generous professional development budgets, which may even cover the cost of a ticket. Even if you’re not as lucky, know that this investment in yourself will be worthwhile.

The inspiration, ideas, and connections that you can take away from TEDxYYC could be just what you need to help take your professional career or personal pursuits to the next level.

Ready to invest in yourself at TEDxYYC 2018? Buy your ticket(s) now right here.

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