TEDxYYC Speaker Lookback: Diversity of Inspiration

Mar 21, 2018

TEDxYYC has spent eight years bringing some of the brightest and best minds to Calgary, and 2018 will continue our legacy of inspiration! We know people love to attend TEDxYYC to fuel new ideas and ignite new levels of creativity and collaboration, and we’ll be ready.

Our team is working hard to ensure we bring our best to the stage in June. Don’t miss the chance to get your tickets, and be a part of it all!

What kind of talks can I expect at TEDxYYC 2018?

When an event as exciting as TEDxYYC is on the horizon, one of the biggest questions potential attendees have is “What kind of talks will I see when I go?” Every year will be enormously different, but we can promise you that every event is carefully curated to bring you inspiration, passion, and fresh perspective.

TEDxYYC talks spotlight performers, artists, scientists, comedians, educators, entrepreneurs, and more. They’ll bring you stories, memories, and some will share their most personal journeys. Others will expand your mind with the unlimited possibilities of innovation brought to life through research and invention. When it comes to how our speakers may move you, anything is possible. Our speaker team is working hard to bring you the best ideas, voices, and stories that represent not only who we are as a community, but what we as a community need to hear right now.

Announcements will be coming soon, but in the meantime, let’s take a look back at past speakers who have blown up our stage with their passion and energy. You’ll get an idea of just how talented, diverse, and brilliant our speakers can be!

Walk a Mile in Our Moccasins | TEDxYYC 2017 speaker Janelle Pewapsconsias

How much do you know about Indigenous people, and their experience in our country? This thoughtful talk from nehīyaw iskwesis (Plains Cree woman) Janelle Pewapsconsias shares both the struggles, and the strengths, of the people who first called this land home. Pewapsconsias invites attendees into a conversation about Indigenous issues, using humour, truth, and interactive games to help bring people into the story. Pewapsconsias was born and raised on the Little Pine First Nation, Treaty 6 Territory, and is the founder and chief gamemaker of Neeched Up Games.

In her talk, Walk a Mile in Our Moccasins, she uses personal experience, games, and heartfelt truths to reach her audience, establishing connection and offering gentle insight into what so many Canadians still don’t know or understand about Indigenous people and culture. She is an alum of the University of Saskatchewan, a student at Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies, and a top ten finalist on CBC’s “We Are the Change.”

From Smoke and Mirrors to Quantum Teleportation | TEDxYYC 2017 Speaker Dr. Wolfgang Tittell

Have you ever heard of quantum teleportation? Neither had some of our attendees last year, but Dr. Wolfgang Tittel, University of Calgary physics professor, was inspired to bring his ideas to TEDxYYC 2017. In his talk, From Smoke and Mirrors to Quantum Teleportation, he shared his most recent scientific breakthrough in order to inspire us to follow our biggest ideas and dreams, in order that the world move forward through us.

Tittell has spent two decades in research in his field, but can still bring the subject to life for those listening. Sharing memories of where his interest in quantum physics began, as well as humorous nods to Star Trek, Tittell manages to make his ideas approachable to all.

Finding Courage, Conquering Fear | TEDxYYC 2017 Speaker Marni Panas

Marni Panas is a transgender woman sharing her journey with vulnerability, humour, and courage. Her talk on our stage last year, Finding Courage, Conquering Fear, moved our audience to a standing ovation! With hopes to inspire both acceptance and inclusion for all transgender Canadians, Panas is creating change by raising her voice and sharing her own journey.

Featured in both national and international media, her work contributed to Gender Identity and Gender Expression being added as protected grounds from discrimination to Alberta’s Human Rights Act and similar legislation to Canada’s Human Rights Act.

You Can’t Believe Everything You Hear | TEDxYYC 2017 Speaker Peter Oldring

Calgary comedian Peter Oldring brought satire, laughs, and a lively look at truth versus fiction to our stage in 2017. His example of how we often believe things we shouldn’t was eye opening and hilarious in the sharing. His award-winning comedy show on CBC called “This is That” is well known for its play on truth and the momentary suspension of disbelief, and his talk is an insightful look into the concept of fake news and trustworthy media.

Why do people believe things that are blatantly untrue or obviously fictional? How can you influence a listener to buy into a story or piece of fictional news? Oldring’s insights in You Can’t Believe Everything You Hear still ring true today as we work hard to filter, curate, and consume media in responsible ways.

Lightning in a Bottle: Dance is Worth Sharing | TEDxYYC 2017 Performance

Dancer, choreographer, and educator Michèle Moss led local performers bringing their passion to our stage in Lightning in a Bottle: Dance is Worth Sharing in 2017. This performance incorporated jazz, Caribbean, West African, belly dance, Afro Cuban, contemporary dance styles as well as improvisation and stilt work. Moss is co-founder of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, and an Associate Professor with the University of Calgary’s B.A. Dance Program.

This piece is a wonderful collaboration of the Calgary Arts Community, featuring an original composition by Calgary musician Lorna McLachlan, and work by vocalist Kayla MacKenzie and percussionists Raul Tabera and Robin Tufts. To see the energy and emotion shared in this live piece was a memorable part of the TEDxYYC 2017 experience, and a stunning opportunity.

TEDxYYC 2018 Speaker Announcements Coming Soon

While our past speakers have made enormous and lasting impressions, don’t forget that every year brings you a fresh theme, a new speaker roster, and the energy of a team still dedicated your inspiration. We cannot wait to share what we’re pulling together for you!

Don’t miss your chance to be there feeling the energy, and experiencing it all firsthand. Watch this space as we roll out details on this year’s speakers, performances, and other highlights!

Tickets are on sale now – make sure to get yours!

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