TEDxYYC: Your Face Here (and call for support)

Mar 29, 2011

TEDxYYC isn’t just about what our speakers are telling you – it’s about how Calgarians can see their future. To find out what you think can shape Calgary, we’ll be taking an instant photo of you!

It’s simple, really. On Friday, our committee members will be walking around with Fujifilm instant cameras and asking you to tell us what community you live in and (in a word or two) what you think Calgary needs the most. It doesn’t matter what your answer is – more yoga, solar panels, bike lanes or guerilla gardens – we just want to know what you think. You’ll be asked to write your answers on your picture which you’ll wear as a badge during the event. Your fellow attendees will be able to see your beautiful face and your beautiful brain .

At the post event party we’ll post all the pictures on a communal wall. This project is just another way TEDxYYC wants to encourage you to discover, ponder, engage and dialogue – to think with forward motion.

Won’t be in the audience on Friday? No problem – take a photo of yourself with your webcam, your iPhone or your DSL , add a caption with your community and what you think Calgarians can benefit from and submit them to us via Twitter or Facebook. We’ll re-post and share your ideas with our online community because well, we want everyone to participate.

Think this project is rad? So do we. Want to be a part of it? We knew you would – we’re asking for a small sponsorship to cover 3 packs of  instant film. The benefits? Only about a million* shout outs from our Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you’re interested, send us an email at info@tedxyyc.com.

*not a literal guestimation of the actual number of mentions 😉

* photo credit: polaroid-o-nizer

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