Final Details for TEDxYYC Attendees! (aka: How to Get In)

Mar 30, 2011

It’s finally here! TEDxYYC is this Friday, April 1st. We’re excited to see everyone! To make your lives easy, here are the final details; everything you’ll need to know to get in the door and more…

Attendees at TEDxYYC 2012

When does it start? Registration starts at 11:00am (Doors open at 11:30, show starts at Noon). See the full day AGENDA here.

Do I need my “ticket?” No. If you were accepted to TEDxYYC and paid online, your name will be on the Master Registration List. We’re going green

Be Human. Try to leave your laptop, iPad, etc at home. We’re encouraging our participants to spend the day in the moment – being aware and present of the conversations and ideas that are floating around you.

Load up on your business cards! …Because you never know who you’re going to meet and want to re-connect with after the event. That being said, don’t prepare to sling them out to everyone you meet – this is not a race to get rid of your stack.

Save a tree, bring a water bottle. Theatre spaces can sometimes get a little dry – especially with the glorious weather we’ve been having. Bring your favourite water bottle so you can have something to sip on, that way you won’t be getting up mid-presentation to head to the water cooler.

Visit an ATM. The after party bar is a cash bar.
* But don’t worry – during the networking breaks you’ll be treated to snacks by Community Natural Foods, coffee by Phil & Sebastian, and beer by Steam Whistle!

What to Wear? Dress is business casual – very casual so dress to be comfortable and show off about a bit of yourself.

See you at The GRAND on April 1!

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