6 Ways to Prepare & Get the Most Out of TEDxYYC

Jun 19, 2018

Whether this will be your first or your fifth TEDx event, we want to make sure that you get the most out of TEDxYYC on June 22nd. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, don’t worry! There’s still time to buy yours – click here now for TEDxYYC tickets.

One you have your ticket, here’s six ways that you can ensure you’re prepared to get the most out of your day at TEDxYYC:

1. Plan to network.

There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with inquisitive, innovative individuals that make up the TEDx audience around you. Bring along some cards (or other ways of sharing contact details!) and be open to making connections and having meaningful conversations. This could even mean connecting with some of the inspiring speakers – many of them will be available during event breaks, and after the session. Plus, there will certainly be lots to chat about in the Arts Commons lobby – innovative organizations, unique businesses, and more will spark your curiosity and are great conversation starters

2. Document your inspiration.

Whether you take notes, draw pictures, make a mind map, or something totally different, recording what you’ve heard and learned as you go will be a valuable way to capture the inspiration and knowledge of the event. With all the info that is shared, it can be difficult to hold it all or remember all of those ‘golden nuggets’ – so, don’t forget a notebook

3. Research the day’s speakers ahead of time.

Take a few moments to take a look at the list of this year’s TEDxYYC speakers here. Knowing who they are and what they’re background is will lay the ground work for their talk, and might help you to get more out of it. (Though, if you’re someone who enjoys surprises, skip this step!)

4. Keep an open mind.

Some of the ideas of topics might be unique, unexpected, and even push the limits of your comfort zone. If you’re coming to TEDxYYC, you’re likely a curious, open minded person already, so be prepared to embrace that side of yourself to help you get the most of the Adjacent Possible.

5. Enjoy the moment.

While we strongly encourage you to engage and share on social media during the event, don’t let #TEDxYYC take away your focus from the event unfolding in front of you. Take it all in and enjoy – and don’t let the end of the event stop you from engaging online! We look forward to hearing from you online as you digest the information you’ve taken in and the ideas you’ve had since. Speaking of which…

6. Don’t expect everything to happen during the event.

The breadth and depth of ideas shared at a TEDx event can often take some time to process. Plan for some renumeration, some consideration, and some thoughtfulness as you absorb all of the info that was shared. Ideas and innovations may come to you during the days and weeks after the event – especially when you take the time to share what you heard and learned with those around you. Look forward to those flashes of inspiration!

What tips would you add to help others prepare for TEDxYYC? Let us know on social media!

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