Back in the days when TEDxYYC was first forming, it was in some senses a rather closed-door affair, with only enough chairs, coat hooks and oxygen for about 100 people. Nor did we, at the time, have the ability, budget or established reputation that allowed us to book the kind of venues we do now. That is, the kind that seat a few thousand people, or boast expansive lobbies and services to accommodate our many guests.

Not only has that evolved over the past four years, but we’ve also managed to score ourselves a cool crystal ball that confidently allows us to predict how many people we’ll draw through the door, thereby enabling us to pick the most perfect venue possible for the year ahead. This year, we return to the Jack Singer Concert Hall at Arts Commons (formally Epcor Centre) and all tickets are general admission. This clears the way for friends to easily meet up and share the experience together.

Crystal ball pipe dreams aside, we are now honoured to say that we welcome one and all to attend our TEDxYYC extravaganza, no application process or lack-of-seats to worry about. And believe me when I say this is not only a weight off your shoulders, but ours as well. After all, when people tell us they want to attend our event by the thousands, who are we to deem any one person more deserving than the other?

All that to say that we sincerely hope you’ll consider purchasing a ticket to our June 26, 2015 event at the Jack Singer, and we promise to make it worth your while. No applications, runaround or rigmarole involved. Just one simple ticket link, and one really awesome day you’ll never forget.

Stay tuned to TEDxYYC.com for all our exciting speaker announcements as they become available, and get your tickets today at