Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms, grandmothers, aunties and other mother figures in our lives! This Mother’s Day, we thought we’d show our appreciation by sharing three important TEDtalks that express both the significance and the struggle of motherhood. The three women in these TEDtalks are powerful, strong, resilient mothers who share their own experiences in their journey of motherhood. A common theme between the three talks is the unruly expectations that we as a society put on mothers. We believe that sharing these talks is a good way to start breaking down those expectations and restraints we put on the amazing women who take on a mother figure in our lives.


“The Perfect Mother Needs To Go” by Andrea Jansen of TEDxZurich

With humour and real life experience, Jansen talks about the difficulties of motherhood and the pressure that is put on the mothers of our society. Jansen’s talk reminds us that we are all human, especially our moms. Jansen is the creator of ‘Any Working Mom’, an online resource for women around the world who may at times struggle with motherhood and the ideals of a perfect mother. Jansen’s talk is both emotional and entertaining, and makes us step back and realize that being a mom is tough, and we need to let go of the idea of a “perfect mother”. There is no such thing!


“In uncertain times, think like a mother” by Yifat Susskind of TEDWomen 2019

In 10 short minutes, Yifat Susskind is able to describe why our mothers and the other female leaders in our lives are superheroes. In a unique, touching and personal story, Susskind talks about how she had an instinct to protect her child from the very beginning of her motherhood journey. Susskind talks about the idea of “thinking like a mother”, even if you aren’t one. Mothers are selfless, kind, protective and instinctive. Surely, those are attributes that we could all use in our lives at one point or another. In Susskind’s talk she says, “When you think like a mother, you prioritize the needs of many, not the whims of the few.” This, along with many other powerful statements from Susskind drives home the reminder that mothers are powerful people that make the world a better place. 


“The Cost of Idealizing Motherhood” by Julie de Azevedo-Hanks of TEDxOgden

This talk by Julie de Azevedo-Hanks really hits home when it comes to appreciating and valuing our moms, and motherlike figures. Azevedo-Hanks has an impressive portfolio of both professional and life experience, all while being a mom to four. She knows a thing or two about the idealizations of motherhood and the picture perfect mom. During this eye-opening talk, Azevedo-Hanks discusses the importance of valuing women as human beings first, mothers second. She talks about the messy, complicated, beautiful lives that all women lead and reminds us that our moms, just like us, have their own personal struggles and triumphs that have absolutely nothing to do with motherhood. 


We are fortunate to have a day in the year where we can really show our moms and mother figures what they mean to us. This Mother’s Day, we hope you can take time to reflect on the mother figure in your life and show them appreciation and gratitude for all they do for you!