Artist in Residence Program

Artist in Residence Program

2022 call for artists coming soon!


Rhys Farrell – TEDxYYC 2021 Artist-in-Residence

Rhys Farrell is an emerging artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Farrell has completed a number of public art projects with the Telus Spark Science Center, Beltline Urban Mural Project, the City of Calgary and a number of private commissions. His work has been collected by private and corporate collections alike and he recently completed three international residencies with Pinea & Linea De Costa A.I.R program in Spain, Graniti Murales in Sicily and the TARP Program in Kuala Lumpur with Taksu Gallery.  Farrell is the recipient of the 2019 Alumni Horizon Award from AUArts.

You can learn more about Rhys Farrell and his work by visiting his website, or catching up with him on your favourite social media platform: Instagram.


Dean Stanton – TEDxYYC 2020 Artist-in-Residence

Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art in 1990, I have slowly developed an illustrative style that has become not only widely recognizable in Calgary, but an absolute pleasure to produce. That said, I also quickly realized how the sheer fun and experimental nature of art-making was not only what i wanted to pursue, but I decided to also encourage anyone I met or worked with, to either collaborate or make their own artworks in my various studios over the years.

I have greatly enjoyed working with many Calgarians, both for fun and in a professional manner, to make cool, colorful artworks all over the city, other parts of Alberta, and in the US. I have developed a few methods of making my art, in commercial, residential or educational settings, in which the actual art production includes anyone that steps up to help. I get tremendous enjoyment encouraging people of all ages and demographics to walk on up and grab a brush, and go for it, while condent that the nal result will be a presentable, professional showcase of random collaboration with the public. While i realize this idea of random public cooperation in making works of art is neither new, nor groundbreaking, I feel that I create some insanely awesome works that have really great impact in their eventual home, and create a sense of pride in those that participate.