Final Speaker Announcement

Mar 30, 2012

A media innovator who played a key role in the coverage of the 2011 Arab Spring and a food pyschologist doing front-running research on how food is marketed to children have been added to the speaker list for this year’s event. We are beyond excited to add these phenomenal speakers to our final line-up for May 25th.

Moeed Ahmad

Moeed Ahmad Moeed Ahmad  is the head of New Media at Al Jazeera. Headquartered in the heart of the Middle East Al Jazeera tells bold and groundbreaking stories that other networks do not. As the “Voice of the South”, the channel covers under-reported regions and events across the world. He joined Al Jazeera in 2005 and is currently leading a dynamic team which focuses on media innovation to enhance Al Jazeera’s presence and engagement with its viewers through social and mobile platforms. In recent years, his team pioneered the use of social media for news, particularly for Al Jazeera’s coverage of the 2011 Arab Spring. He is a proponent of open source and empowering communities through projects like Al Jazeera Creative Commons Repository.

Learn more about Moeed Ahmad

Dr. Charlene Elliott

Dr. Charlene Elliott Dr. Charlene Elliott  is the Canada Research Chair in Food Marketing, Policy and Health at the University of Calgary. Dr. Elliott’s program of research seeks to explore the complex nature of children’s food marketing, and to study what it means – in terms of dietary habits and health – to promote food using particular types of marketing appeals. She has provided input and recommendations on federal and international initiatives pertaining to food, labelling and policy.

Learn more about Dr. Charlene Elliott

As Moeed Ahmad and Charlene Elliot round out our list of speakers, timing couldn’t be better. Applications to attend the event are open until April 1st, and Calgarians have never had more reason to attend.

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