TEDxYYC 2011 – We are a Community

Feb 4, 2011

When we first began the journey of pulling together a TEDxYYC for 2011, we decided the first order of business was to tackle the theme.  Our experience with TEDxYYC 2010 made us quite close, so it’s no surprise that in one united breath, the entire group said “COMMUNITY”. We have all been propelled forward this past year, experiencing much change in our personal and professional lives and we all feel community is what kept us moving forward. Not just in our small circles, but world events and a profound sense of how our lives are so impacted by community, connection and technology.

Most recently we have been witnesses to the brutal fight for democracy in countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Jordan.  We are peering through a window but we are doing it via social networks (read: technology meets community). We are feeling impassioned and that those fighting for their lives are aware that they have a strong network of global support. Since the governments of these countries have been shutting down cell service, email and Twitter feeds – in an attempt to isolate and cut off their “citizens” from their global community, there is a shift in knowing our countries do not stand alone. It goes without saying that society, by its very nature, will reach inward and build strong community bonds, often through struggle to restore the balance of power.

These global struggles serve to remind us that community is forever important and can be experienced in so many different ways.  This year’s TEDxYYC event will bring together a myriad of speakers from online community builders, grass-roots organizers, health care and educational professionals and individuals who as a result of strong community upbringing have accomplished amazing goals in the face of tremendous adversity.  I am so excited to share in this experience with my fellow committee members and attendees.  This year’s event promises to be memorable.

Looking forward to seeing you there, or hearing about how you are organizing your own day to watch the Livestream. Keep in touch to help build out this amazing community,

Michelle Sklar – TEDxYYC committee member

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