TEDxYYC, Calgary’s largest independently-organized TED event, announces the next round of speakers to take the stage at its highly-anticipated, sold-out event on Friday, June 24, 2016 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall at Arts Commons.

Speakers for the seventh-annual event will come from diverse corners of the global community in Technology, Entertainment and Design, but will have one thing in common – they are all focused on, and driven relentlessly towards, an expanding horizon. They explore issues, innovations and ideas that lay at the intersection of human ability and imagination. These well-regarded subject-matter experts – each with a Calgary connection – join the roster of speakers and performers at TEDxYYC 2016:

Keith Johnstone

A pioneer in the art of improvisation, Keith Johnstone is the creator of TheatresportsTM and several performing arts groups internationally, including Calgary’s Loose Moose Theatre. Keith is also a best-selling author, playwright and educator – now Professor Emeritus at the University of Calgary. Keith’s innovative ideas about improvisation, behaviour and performance present thought-provoking lessons applicable to artists, researchers, product makers and business people alike.

Rameez Virji

An inventor and innovator in medical technology, Rameez Virji is best known for his patented invention of the world’s first non-invasive vaccine delivery system for protein-based viruses, Formulation V720TM. Recognized as one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 in 2012, Rameez continues to do Calgary proud and drive towards his vision with his organization, Medicine for a Better Tomorrow, to make the vaccine pill accessible in third-world countries.

Michael Landry

A scientist and renowned scholar in gravitational waves, Dr. Michael Landry is Detection Lead Scientist with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and physicist with CalTech. An alumnus of the University of Calgary, Michael is acclaimed for his ground-breaking research in gravitational waves and his experimental pursuits with LIGO. This collaborative work culminated in the first detection of gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger, announced by LIGO in February 2016.

“TEDxYYC is all about creativity, innovation and collaboration – not only in the broader global community, but also right here in our backyard,” says Josh Boser, TEDxYYC 2016 Committee Chair. “We are thrilled to welcome three outstanding experts with a Calgary connection to our program, as we explore new perspectives on expanding horizons at our event in June.”

For a preview of TEDxYYC 2016, watch a video montage featuring the speaker roster to-date. Although event tickets are already sold-out for the June 24 event, there are still ways to get involved with TEDxYYC – prospective partners are invited to apply to participate at partner@tedxyyc.com.