What would you do if you could reimagine anything? If you could wake up tomorrow and reimagine the person you are, to the person you want to be. We can become whatever we want to be, we can do whatever we want to do, all it takes is a little imagination.

Join TEDxYYC on Thursday June 24, 2021 to hear from our speakers about what reimagining means to them. We will spark a creative fire in you that you won’t forget!

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In a year of many twists and turns, how can we move forward towards a better tomorrow?

The ordinary circumstances of the world can seem distant to us now, more than a year after our lives were so decisively changed. Though we may feel as though there’s a void where our futures once stood, we should bear in mind Einstein’s words that “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” If ever there is a time to reimagine what our future could be, it is right now.

TEDxYYC 2021 will be an event unlike any other. We are shifting our main event online to expand our audience and to invite even more perspectives into our community of innovative individuals. Our diverse roster of speakers will share their inspiring stories of adapting to uncertainty and of taking action to incite change.

On Thursday, June 24th, 2021, we want you to join TEDxYYC in asking: how can we reimagine ourselves, our city and our future?

We can’t wait to see you!