Quiz: Are You Ready for TEDxYYC 2015?

Give yourself 2 points for each “Yes” answer, 1 point for “Maybe”, and 0 points for “No” 1)    You heard fabulous reviews about TEDxYYC in previous years 2)    You enjoy gathering with like-minded Calgarians who talk and think about technology, entertainment and...

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All You Need to Know About Buying your Ticket to TEDxYYC

Back in the days when TEDxYYC was first forming, it was in some senses a rather closed-door affair, with only enough chairs, coat hooks and oxygen for about 100 people. Nor did we, at the time, have the ability, budget or established reputation that allowed us to book...

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Behind the Scenes w. TEDxYYC Chair Jo Pesta

 Our 2014 event doesn’t just bring with it an exciting new venue and a snazzy new lineup of speakers, it also comes complete with a fresh new event chair named Jo Pesta – a proud Calgarian with a fierce commitment to making this the best TEDxYYC yet. We were thrilled...

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Musical performer: VI AN, Musician

Vi An combines traditional Asian instruments such as the Vietnamese dan tranh, the Chinese zheng, and the Japanese koto with synthesizer-infused electronica. At this year’s TEDxYYC, she’ll be collaborating with her husband Matt Hanson on xaphoon and percussion, and...

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And your host: DAVID GRAY, CBC

David Gray might be the first voice you hear each morning as the host of CBC Radio’s Calgary Eyeopener. But on June 14th, he’ll be lending those vocal cords to TEDxYYC as our host. “TEDxYYC is definitely one of my favourite intellectual outings in Calgary every year.”...

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