What to expect at TEDxYYC Reimagine: Tips and Tricks for your virtual 2021 experience!

Jun 21, 2021

We are just days away to our June 24 event and we cannot wait to show you what’s in store. By now, we’re all pros at navigating virtual events, but we promise there’s more to our event than meets the eye.

Here’s what you can expect on event day, as well as some tips and tricks to make sure you have the most stellar TEDx experience.




Pre-Show Participant Activity- Origam.AI

This is a social experiment, a snapshot of this unique TEDxYYC audience at this incredibly unique point in time. OrigamAi’s purpose is to make workplaces healthier, people happier, and workforces more effective.

Through the use of OrigamAi’s innovative AI-driven solution, they help large organizations thrive by providing the real-time data needed to develop healthier workplaces, more engaged teams and happier people. How do they accomplish this? Using OrigamAi’s innovative AI-driven solution, they help large organizations thrive by providing the real-time data needed to develop healthier workplaces, more engaged teams and happier people.

OrigamAi, in partnership with TEDxYYC, offers you an exclusive opportunity to reimagine your own well-being. We believe that this offer will enable you to make informed decisions based on the psycho-social determinants of health and well-being at both work and home.

Interested? Buy your tickets today!


10 AM: Pre-show- Greetings & Networking

You will be greeted by our amazing host Priscilla Cherry and members of the TEDxYYC team. You’ll also be able to network with fellow attendees. Freely explore our break-out rooms with different lively activities and discussions!


11 AM: TEDxYYC TALKS – REIMAGINE CITIES (w/ performance)

How would you reimagine the place where you live, work, and play? Check out our first block of speakers focused on answering this question. Don’t miss an amazing musical performance from Calgary-based artists Angie C & Jane M that is sure to make “waves”.



Our speakers take a pause, but the fun doesn’t stop! Get a chance to chat about the first TEDx Talks with other attendees while taking in some of our incredible activations! Dance like no one’s watching, communicate and play, take a big stretch, and gain perspective on how to be a better ally to the Indigenous community.



The world is changing and changing fast. How can we make sure that we can harness this energy to do better for each other and the world we live in?

Our second block of speakers will tackle many sides of this big question.

1:45 PM: BREAK

Take a breather with us as we reflect, meditate, and listen to several important topics ranging from effective communication, meditation, gender, anti-racism, and the Indigenous Experience.



Be the change you want to see in the world.

Our final installment of speakers will explore what we can do as individuals to incite change in our communities and within ourselves. Be sure to check out a ground-breaking spoken word and musical collaboration by local spoken word poet Wakefield Brewster and cellist/vocalist Lizzy Munson.



We’ll cap off TEDxYYC 2021 with closing remarks from our host and team.

Had a great conversation about a TED talk ignited some exciting dialogue? You can continue these stellar conversations during our post-event networking period! Be sure to stick around for a grand finale performance from HireHeels  that’ll be sure to get you energized, laughing, on your feet and dancing.





Tip 1:  Technology Check

“Sorry, experiencing technical difficulties!” We have all been there. Don’t ruin a great personal connection because of a bad wi-fi connection– make sure to log-in at least fifteen minutes before the start of the event to create your account and get familiar with our event platform, Hopin, and to check out all of our great interactive activations, expo booths, and speaker bios! If you are experiencing any issues on Hopin when logging into the event, just log out of the Hopin platform completely and then log in again!


Tip 2: Feel free to hop around on Hopin!

Our event platform allows us to take the in-person lobby and stage feel right to your screen. Our event is more than your average Zoom call; this platform will allow you to engage with fellow attendees while listening to our speakers.

There are four main components to our event: Main Stage, Sessions, Activations, Networking, and Expo.

Our stage is where you’ll be able to catch all of our TEDxYYC speakers.  Activities act as “break-out” rooms for you to get up and get moving, and chat with other attendees about the exciting things you’re seeing. Networking allows you to be matched one-on-one with another attendee for a more focused conversation. Finally, the Expo tab allows you to check out booths with our amazing partners and meet some of our activation hosts. What’s great about our virtual set up is that you can hop in and hop out – switch from each component effortlessly!   Here’s a video to help guide your experience:



Tip 3: Consider a talk or activity outside of your comfort zone

This year’s theme is Reimagine. Not only our city and society, but ourselves. With our wide array of speakers, this is the year to take a chance and explore a topic or activity that we might not usually think of doing or is not related to our fields of study/profession.

We’re excited to take the plunge and try or listen to something new. Come along with us!

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